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Whether you are searching for a new career or your professional life needs a new "makeover," there has never been a better time than right now to register in only cosmetology courses. Our team of estheticians and beauty improvement enthusiasts is dedicated to helping our students pursue a meaningful and successful career through a wide selection of different beauty and skincare education courses. Count on our years of experience in the industry and partnerships with some of the most respected plastic surgeons in the country to help you become a licensed professional of esthetics. 


Why Choose Online Cosmetology Courses with True U Education

Higher education is something that many people want to pursue but don't always have the time to make it work. Responsibilities like work and family can often take you off the path to learning more and becoming a professional in the field of your dreams. That is why our online esthetician courses provide an affordable and more accessible option for students wanting to pursue cosmetology. 

The specialists at True U Education are trained and certified in different areas of beauty improvement and provide the same material and knowledge for those online and of the students in person. A busy life doesn't mean that you can't pursue higher education. Our understandable and knowledgeable staff ensure that each student, online or present, has an abundance of opportunities to succeed in body contouring. 

How to Choose the Best Online esthetician Classes 

The moment you decide to enter the field of beauty advancement and enroll in our world-class esthetician school, the next step is to discover the best program to enhance your talents. It is crucial that you select an educational facility that not only provides its students with the proper education for the specialty you choose but that it properly conditions you for success. The moment you begin your preliminary investigation, it can be challenging to choose between different courses. However, our staff is always here for questions and inquiries. We do whatever it takes to ensure that our students choose what they truly want and fall in love while doing it. 

There is a reason that you want to pursue a life in cosmetology, so that is your first step to discovering the field that will best suit you! Was it because of the times you watched videos of your favorite makeup specialists? Was it because you love to practice skin and beauty improvement techniques at home and want to do it professionally? Or was it because you saw how amazing someone else looks after treatment, and you want to provide the same results for other people? Whatever the reason is, dig deep down and uncover what you are really passionate about. If you have problems choosing, contact one of our specialists, and we will assist you in discovering your talents. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Esthetician Schools? 

When you want to become a licensed esthetician, contact one of the most respected educational facilities for aesthetic improvement courses in the United States. Through our partnerships and rigorous programs, students will advance to a new career in the blink of an eye. We are set apart become we provide: 

  • A full-time program with online courses that work around the schedule of our students 
  • Flexible morning, noon, and evening classes
  • Short and informative classes so that students can still enjoy their day 
  • Partnerships with some of the best cosmetic specialists in the US
  • Assistance with finding work upon completion

Online esthetician and cosmetology courses are of a huge advantage for students who work full time and or have family commitments that make it almost impossible to attend a traditional school in person. But why should that hold you back? Our numerous only beauty school programs allow our students to obtain the knowledge and techniques that they need from home. Through our online courses, you get the same amount of material as those in person without the hassle of long commute times and hours away from home or work. 

Contact True U Education Today for Online Esthetician Courses

Our mission is to get you interested in a life of cosmetics from the comfort of your own home. We strive to provide you with everything you need to follow your love for aesthetics and have a triumphant career doing it. Don't wait any longer, and take the next step with True U Education! Contact us today.