In Person Courses

In-person Esthetician Courses in Chicago, IL 

True U Education provides students the opportunity to acquire and practice the skills, attitude, and knowledge needed to obtain a career in cosmetology or to add to your cosmetic service repertoire; and eventually a long and successful career in the field.


Esthetician Students who select True U Education for live, in-person esthetician courses in Chicago learn from the best in the field alongside respected plastic surgeons. Our programs are designed to provide students with everything they need to follow their passions. 

Start Now At True U Education, your dream doesn't have to wait! 

  • Be a part of a diverse community with the same passion for creating beauty as you 
  • Have unlimited opportunities with trained professionals dedicated to the success of their students 
  • Receive hands-on cosmetology and aesthetic training 
  • Learn the best practices for a successful career
  • Benefit from our connection with industry-renowned beauty improvement technicians such as Dr. Steven Dayan. 


First-Hand Esthetician Experience at True U Education in Chicago

If there is something that we believe in, it's that practice always makes perfect. Under the supervision of our specialists, you will have the opportunity to practice different treatments in the doctor's office connected to our building. Through the guidance of your teachers, you will be able to learn and apply new and innovative techniques for breathtaking results.

Learn how to use high-end cosmetology industry technology

Unlike other cosmetology & esthetician schools in Chicago, True U Education provides the newest technology and tools for them to be ready when they finish their programs. Having this knowledge lets students seamlessly transition from school to work. 

Networking opportunities with salons, clinics, and hospitals

Once you have finished your in-person aesthetics program with True U Education, it will be time for you to get out there and give your gifts to the world. True U Education is connected with various local and national companies, giving students a better chance of finding work after they are done. 

What to Expect at True U Education 

Esthetician courses at our education facility are designed to meet the training needs of the industry and the required training needs of the industry. Our programs provide a wide array of hands-on student learning opportunities in the classroom, with clients, and in a workplace setting.

The students at True U Education will gain practical experience working with clients in Chicago. Work experience provides students with more opportunities to apply their technical skills and knowledge in a workplace setting. This will give them the confidence they need when they go out into the workforce on their own. 

Active student learning and participation are highlighted throughout the courses to promote the growth of understanding, specialized skills, and professional conduct for demanded success in the field. Classes, demonstrations, group work, and project-based learning strategies are used to promote student learning and development. 

It's Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams at True U Education 

A life in cosmetology and aesthetics is never too late, and it is easily accomplished with the support of the incredible cosmetic specialists at our educational institute. When you want to pursue something you are passionate about, we want nothing more than to make it happen. Our staff has decades in the industry and are ready to pass on their knowledge. 

Not only are our in-person courses filled with years of knowledge and techniques, but we are constantly learning about the new and upcoming treatments, ensuring our students have the best chance of success. You can choose from our wide variety of in-person classes and discover your talents with supervised help from industry specialists! 

Contact True U Education for In-Person Cosmetology Courses in Chicago 

Are you ready for a life of improving the complexion of thousands of clients? Do you want to practice your love for aesthetics every day? If yes, your journey starts here with True U Education. Don't wait any longer to make your dream come true and learn from the best in the business! Enroll in one of our in-person cosmetology courses today.

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