Practice Management SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a recognized component to proper practice management and office efficiency. They serve to educate and assure that your office follows good clinical practices. At one time or another, they may be required by local, regional or state regulatory bodies and subjected to evaluation.  Although many of the standard practice procedures within are consistent across the county, SOPs still are best constructed specific to each practice. Within this packet are SOPs that have been used within one practice that has seen success. While some of the content included within may be applicable for your practice others may not. Please feel free to use them as a guide only. We strongly recommend that you create your own SOP’s and have them reviewed by a health care attorney. 


Download contains:
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Safety In compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard under OSHA guidelines.
  • Medical Chart Completion
  • Consent Forms
  • In-office Procedures (IOP’s)
  • Patient Follow-up
  • Patient Phone Call Protocol
  • Photography
  • Room Management
  • Instrument Sterilization/ Autoclave Maintenance
  • Vaso-Vagal Response Protocol
  • Patient Phone Call Protocol
  • Adverse Event Management
  • Call Schedule/ After Hours Protocol

These SOP and consent forms are for general information only and that neither Dr. Dayan nor AmSpa make any representations or warranties regarding their accuracy or legality. Further, the SOP's and consent forms are general in nature and not tailored to any specific state. Accordingly, prior to using these SOP's and/or consent forms we strongly recommend that any practitioner or business contact a local health care for further review. Neither AmSpa nor Dr. Dayan assumes any liability for the use of these SOP's, and the end user/licensee fully releases AmSpa and Dr. Dayan from any and all liability associated with the SOP's. In addition, the included SOP's and consent forms are for the use of licensee only and shall not, under any circumstances, be disseminated, reproduced or resold.