Aesthetic Laser & Light Therapies: Physics & Safety

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    The online portion Our comprehensive online Laser Course is designed to fully prepare you with the knowledge needed to succeed as a Laser Professional. Following the Laser Physics and Safety program, you will have the ability to customize your education to your individual needs and goals by choosing more detailed programs on particular laser treatments.

    Online classrooms give you the ability to work at your own pace and on your time schedule, so that nothing in your life will need to be interrupted.

    6 Modules Include:

    Chapter 1. How Lasers Work

    Chapter 2. Treatment Indications

    Chapter 3. Cosmetic Lasers

    Chapter 4. Consultation & Treatment Considerations

    Chapter 5. Laser Classifications

    Chapter 6. Laser Safety

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the history and science behind current Laser therapies
    • Learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, and where common therapies fall within that
    • Engage with techniques to carry out a successful Laser therapy session, including lesser-known tips and tricks
    • Come away with a deeper understanding of Lasers and their effects on our skin


    In accordance with Illinois State Law, True U does not offer CE Hours for Laser courses. You will receive a Certificate stating that you completed The Laser and Light Therapy Course: Physics and Safety.